DOCJT - Coordination Section - 042B-20JR - Law Enforcement Basic Training - Class 518 - 1319930

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Full Description
This is the Department of Criminal Justice Training Basic Training Academy curriculum as mandated by Kentucky Revised Statutes for peace officer certification.  It covers job performances identified by the 2014 Job Task Analysis conducted with all law enforcement officers in the state of Kentucky along with mandatory training regulations, Federal legislation and professional attributes needed for basic law enforcement officers in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. During the academy students will identify, discuss and demonstrate learning in many areas of performance.  These areas include Patrol Procedures, Physical Training, Vehicle Operations, Defensive Tactics, Legal, Traffic and DUI, Criminal Investigations, and Tactical Responses to Crisis Situations.  The complete list of learning outcomes along with the listing of classes is provided to students enrolled at the academy. This is the basic training course for officers required by KRS, KAR and KLEC certification. It covers all areas of performance identified within the 2014 Job Task Analysis for entry level officers. These topics include patrol, criminal investigations, legal, firearms, vehicle operations, defensive tactics, physical training and DUI enforcement. Recruits must comply with all administrative regulations and successfully complete all training areas to be eligible for graduation.  Meals, housing and all classroom materials are provided for sworn officers.  Successful completion will satisfy training requirements for eligible officers for KLEFPF and certification in city, county, urban-county, sheriffs, state law enforcement agencies, airport police and university police agencies (KRS 15.404).

PREREQUISITES: 1) Pre-Class Survey and Online Orientation
                                    2) FEMA Forms 100, 200, 700
                                    3) CPR/AED/First Aid Certifications
Training Dates
03/07/2021 - 08/05/2021
None Specified
Registration Dates
03/07/2020 - 03/12/2021
Available Seats
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824h 30m
None Specified
Training Location
Dept. of Criminal Justice Training
4449 Kit Carson Drive
Funderburk Bldg.
Richmond, KY  40475
Reporting Instructions
None Specified
Housing is mandatory
Check-In 03/07/2021
Check-Out 08/05/2021
Signup Details
The following is required for admission to Basic Training: 1) POPS Form F and Form D  2) Medical Exam form (DOCJT Form #45)  3) Applicant Confirmation Form (DOCJT Form #151)

The medical examination (form 45) must be completed within 120 days proceeding the initial day of the class.  All medical examination forms must be signed by a medical doctor or physician's assistant. Incomplete medical forms, or those not signed properly, will prohibit a recruit from being admitted to Basic Training. The Agency Confirmation Form must be completed less than 90 days from Basic Training Start Date. The information concerning incoming recruits and their equipment needs can be found at

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